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The Essentials of Estate Planning in Columbus, Ohio

Estate planning—sounds pretty official, doesn’t it? It’s like wearing a suit to a meeting but for your entire life’s work. In Columbus, Ohio, it’s not just about keeping things shipshape; it’s about making sure your hard-earned assets are passed on just the way you want. This isn’t about pocket change; it’s the big leagues of your legacy.

What's Estate Planning Really About?

Let’s break it down. Estate planning is you scribbling down your wishes on paper, but with some legal muscle to make sure those wishes stick. It’s a game plan for your property and your loved ones once you’re singing in the celestial choir. And here in Columbus, with our spin on the rules, we’re looking at a few key plays:

Getting your will in order

Setting up trusts if that's your jam

Make sure taxes don't eat up the inheritance

And lots more stuff that involves less fun paperwork

Let's Talk Wills

First up, wills. These bad boys say who gets what. It's like making sure your baseball card collection doesn't wind up with your cousin who doesn't even like sports. In Columbus, crafting a will should involve someone who knows Ohio law better than they know their Buckeyes trivia.

Trusts and How They Rock

Then we've got trust — not some flimsy pinky promise, mind you. They’re a more secure, often tax-friendly way to sling your assets when you bite the dust. In Columbus, you've got a lineup of trusts, each with its playbook:

Picking Your Estate Planning Expert

Choosing the right legal eagle for this isn't like picking a fantasy football team. You need a seasoned pro who's seen some estate planning playoffs. Here's what to scout for:

The Lowdown on Probate and Estate Administration

Talking about probate is about as fun as a rain delay, but it's gotta be done. In the land of the Scarlet and Grey, probate is when the court referees the handing out of your stuff. If your will is up to snuff, it'll be smoother than a center-field double play. Estate administration? Well, that's the cleanup crew — executors who carry out your wishes like a boss. And in Columbus, they gotta know their way around some complex rules — it's not exactly tiddlywinks.

Asset Protection: Keep Them Taxes at Bay

Asset protection is like having the best defense in the league. It keeps your wealth safe from Uncle Sam's sticky fingers. And in Columbus, here are some classic maneuvers to lock down those assets:

The Beauty of Living Trusts

A living trust is the MVP when it comes to sidestepping probate. Here's why it's a fan favorite in Columbus:

Healthcare Directives and Power of Attorney

I know, nobody wants to think about being benched for good. But health care directives and power of attorney are like designating a quarterback to take the snaps if you're out of commission. Columbus folks, this is clutch:

Succession Planning: The Next Gen

For the business owners packing stands in Columbus, succession planning is making sure the team stays strong even after you've left the stadium. Keep the business in good hands by:

Family Dynamics and Estate Planning

Families come in all shapes and sizes, like different team formations. And like any playbook, your estate plan should be tailored to your team. Blend custom strategies with your unique squad:

Keep Your Estate Plan in ProForm

Not to sound like a broken record, but keep those estate documents fresh. When life throws a curveball:

Resources and Help in Columbus

Don’t worry; Columbus has a bullpen of help, from workshops to wizards of estate law. Here’s who can be on your team:

Top 4 Estate Planning Professionals in Columbus, OH

Navigating estate planning can be complex, which is why finding the right professional is crucial. Columbus, OH, boasts several top-notch estate planning firms. Here is a list of four reputed companies that offer comprehensive estate planning services.

1. Baker Tilly

Baker Tilly is a leading advisory, tax, and assurance firm in the robust estate planning sector. It is renowned for its personalized approach and deep industry expertise, which ensures clients' assets are protected and efficiently managed.

2. Kohrman, Jackson & Krantz LLP

Kohrman, Jackson & Krantz LLP specializes in estate planning and probate law. Their experienced team is dedicated to providing tailored and cost-effective solutions, ensuring peace of mind for families and businesses alike.

3. Gasper Legal

Gasper Legal serves clients with a high degree of professionalism and commitment to their unique estate planning needs. They focus on creating sustainable strategies for wealth transfer and protection.

4. Taneff Law

Taneff Law is recognized for its strategic and client-focused approach to estate planning. Their skilled attorneys provide expert guidance to ensure client's assets are managed according to their wishes.


In Columbus, being passive about estate planning isn’t an option. It’s time to get proactive, whether that means setting up comprehensive trusts or nailing down your will. Take action and secure not just your assets but also peace of mind for your family’s future. With expert advisors ready to guide you, you’re not just playing the game—you’re winning it, securing your legacy with confidence. Columbus is your team, ready to support every strategic move in the game of estate planning.

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