There must be a critical story here, of our universities flooding the nation with investment education so very different from what 99% of investors need. But that’s another story.

For this website, the intention is the opposite: to keep it positive, offering and advocating a path to overcome the problem.


What we need 

1. What we need most, in this field of investment education and investor guidance, is for our universities to flood the nation with a new investment education for guiding people – for guiding the 99% of America’s investors hoping to meet retirement income needs and other dollar goals of future years. Most are on track toward retirement poverty, or already there, and in desperate need of best investment guidance.

That kind of investment education should be focused on seeking investments that offer best result probabilities for an investor’s cash flow plan and future dollar goals, using mixes of whole diversified asset classes with best grounds for estimating their future return-rate probabilities, presented on graphs that show these investments’ assessments and comparisons for the purpose: result probabilities for those future dollar goals. This website illustrates how and offers a tool to do it.

2. While awaiting this new investment from the universities, what we need most is for the authorities who govern the training and rules of fiduciary investment advisors to charge ahead and advance to that kind of investment education for advisors.

3. And while awaiting that, what we need most is purveyors of tools for investors and financial advisors to offer software for that kind of investment planning and training in its use.

This website now offers #3 above. But we are also working toward #1 and #2.  For all three purposes we are authoring two books:

Samuelson’s Frankenstein, citing words of a core of professors as well as analysis and common sense to expose how current prevailing university investment education features the worst along with the best of Markowitz modern portfolio theory with the effect of misleading individual investors in favor of financial industry profits and academic interests.

The Goal Frontier, explaining and illustrating full integration of the best of modern portfolio theory with the whole-major-asset-class investing of Bogle and the Monte Carlo simulation of Ulam to seek best choices for an investor using investments with best grounding for future-performance estimates – plus unique inform-the-investor graphs.

Dick Purcell