This Web page shows Pathfinder’s principal windows other than graphs, most of which are for defining inputs for the graphic pursuit on best investment choices:

Defining the cash flow plan and goals

Selecting asset classes and defining model portfolios

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The window for choosing asset classes:

Choose asset classes by checkbox at far left. The data are history-based. You can adjust them by edit or use of the tools at upper center. You can replace any one or more of the asset classes using the Replace window shown below.

The window for entering investor plan and goals:

Enter cash flow plan in top half of window –  goals to be met at left, amounts to be invested or used for the entered goals at right. At lower left, entries for taxes, fees, inflation. At lower right, two portfolios for assessment and comparison.

After entry of the cash flow plan, you can see it laid out year-by-year in the window shown below.

The cash flow window does not include any future investment returns, which are unknown and only shown in terms of probabilities on the graphs.

For Portfolio A you can enter future allocation changes using the window shown below.

The window for entering model portfolios:

The window for selecting and displaying Pathfinder graphs:

The Decision Graphs offered at this window’s right assess and compare portfolios in result probabilities for the investor’s cash flow plan and goals, for investor decisions. The Background Graphs offered at left are only analyses of the portfolios, without considering the investor’s plan and goals.

Key Pathfinder graphs are illustrated in other pages on this website, in videos and still pictures.

Windows for printed reports:

You can define and produce printed reports directly from Pathfinder using this window:

You can also select and produce reports that Pathfinder places in MS Word, where you can edit and print them, using this Pathfinder window:

Pathfinder creates its Word reports from report-master .doc files. To make edits that apply to multiple reports, you can edit report-master files in Word.