For financial advisors — Portfolio Pathfinder 14, the current version, is available on a permanent license (without subsequent update) at $850 for one user, $450 per additional user at same organization and location. For licensed users, optional subsequent annual updates, with data updates and probably new features, will be available at about half that cost.

For licensed users of prior versions, Pathfinder 14 is available at $400 for one user plus $175 per additional user.

For individual investors — Pathfinder 14 is available at half price, $425, in a form that includes full analytic and graph power but is not suited for presentations or reports to clients.

To purchase

To purchase a permanent license for the financial advisor version of Pathfinder 14, write a check to PlanScan, LLC and mail it to Dick Purcell, PlanScan LLC, 114 West 6th Street, #2, Leadville, CO  80461. And as soon as the check is mailed, send a message to telling us your check is coming so we can get your Portfolio Pathfinder on the way to you.

To assess it before purchase

For a phone demo and discussion of Portfolio Pathfinder, contact us at

Current version, what’s new

The current version, Portfolio Pathfinder 14, has asset-class data updated through 2013, and new capabilities to quickly and easily explore affects on clients’ goal-meeting probabilities from two kinds of changes in asset-class future-performance assumptions: (1) lower future return-rate means, and (2) future continuation of historical reversion toward the mean, which can greatly improve clients’ probabilities of meeting goals.

Pathfinder 14 also has a new 1 Sim feature added last year that improves Pathfinder as a tool for education and explanations on Monte Carlo simulation, and a new Goal Frontier graph, added ltwo years ago to its family of original, unique interactive Goal Frontier graphs. It’s the best yet for assessing and comparing whole ranges of portfolios in probabilities of meeting the investor’s future dollar goals, to inform the investor for zeroing in on best selections for her future.